1 on 1 Personal Training

No one person is the same. So why would your fitness be any different. At SAINT Performance we understand that, that's why we provide customized programming based on your individual assessment to deliver a customized program that will help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible. With a custom program we can pin point your needs and address them directly, rather than taking a shotgun approach, making our system efficient and results driven.


How It Works 

  1. Give us a call OR Come and see us! We're more than happy to sit down with you and discuss your fitness goals and help you choose the package that best suits you!

  2. It starts with the Introduction Package: The intro package includes your individual physical assessment, and two 1-on-1 training sessions to go through each aspect of your program.

  3. Then choose your Monthly Package:

    -10 Session Package

    -Private training & small group training Combo

    -Private sessions must be scheduled with Joey in advance.


What to expect

• A Fun supportive atmosphere. Its a gym family!
• Science based programming
• Effective results
• Improved Posture
• Gain Muscle - Lose Fat

• Quality Unique equipment
• Support and Motivation
• Increased flexibilty & Mobility
• Fitness for life
• LOTS of sweaty high fives

Sports Performance

Sport specific training to excel at your game. We work with athletes from all backgrounds with customized programming that is tailored specifically to your sport. SAINT Performance & Fitness caters to athletes who are serious about their training. Our gym has been called the “mixed martial arts” of the training world due to our expertise in improving ALL aspects of athletic performance (we're also the top MMA club in the area). Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, speed, power, agility, mobility, or sport-specific endurance – SAINT Performance will get you there. 

Our Sports Performance program is available in both small group and a private training setting. Contact us to discuss the options that suit you best!

Who Is This For?

  • This is designed for Men & Women

  • Clients who want 1 on 1 private intruction

  • Ageless Athletes

  • Adults looking to improve and maintain the way you feel and move

  • People looking to increase Performance

  • Anyone looking to Improve mobility and balance

  • Adults looking for improved strength & stability

The Assessment

The Assessment is a Tool we use to efficiently determine each clients specific needs. Joey takes you through a series of tests that identify your joint mobility and stability, followed by a series of movement patterns that will show muscle imbalances and soft tissue restrictions.  This data is then used along with your fitness goals to build you an individualized program that is custom made to fit your needs.

Starting your Fitness Transformation

The basic idea behind training is to break the body down and allow it to recover stronger than it was before. The recovery part is just as important if not more important than training itself, inadequate recovery can lead to over training and injury. The saying around our gym is “train safe so we can keep on training”, with that in mind I’m going to mention a few things to pay attention to as your begin your training journey.

When you first start your fitness journey you can experience stiff and sore muscles, don't worry this will only last a short period of time while your body is adjusting to the new workload being applied to it. Do not be discouraged it is a natural cycle called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and happens to everyone. DOMS usually lasts 24-72 hours post workout. The key is active recovery, keep moving and keep your workouts consistent, even on rest days go for a short walk, or light bike ride.

The real key to success in the gym is Consistency/Patience: keep showing up, even when you don’t want to or feel like you can’t, just getting through the door is sometimes the hardest part. The road to fitness is a journey not a destination (i know cliche right) but it's true, you can’t expect the results you’re looking for to happen overnight. Missing a day isn’t the end of the world, it’s a bump in your road.


Be prepared for your session

  • New Client: Arrive about 15 mins early to complete a waiver form, complete payments and ask any questions you may have.

  • Returning Client: Arrive about 5-10 minutes early to allow time to change and begin warming up.

  • We encourage bare foot training, however if you prefer shoes your welcome to wear clean indoor footwear.

  • Wear your favourite clean training gear , don't be the stinky guy/gal.

  • bring a water bottle, we have a free filling station, but no disposable cups!

  • We also sell gatorade and bottled water


  • For private training session we require 24 hours notice for cancellation.

  • Missed sessions are non refundable

  • If you will be away for a period of time a membership freeze is available. You must confirm with us ahead of time.