SAINT Performance & Fitness

Joey St. Onge

My business specializes in mature clients and aging athletes who want to continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle. This typically means clients in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. I’m a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist. I help people move, age, and perform better every day!


I am a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS). The foundation of a CPPS coach is based on movement preparation, efficiency, and quality. The goal of a CPPS coach is to deliver athletes to the field injury free and prepared to perform. What does that mean to me? My goal is to correct imbalances and progressively prepare you for the activities and sports that you love, without risking an injury doing an exercise that you aren’t prepared for, nor should be doing. I work with you to find the best variations of exercises that give you the best training effect possible while minimizing the impact on your joints and reducing our risk for injuries now and in the future!

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some top strength and conditioning coaches in their fields, including Joe DeFranco, world-renowned strength and conditioning coach and owner of Defranco’s training systems. My certification was created by Joe DeFranco & Jim Smith, the world-renowned CPPS certification was called “the best curriculum for trainers we’ve ever seen” by Muscle & Fitness magazine. Joe’s training techniques have been featured in the NY Times best-selling book, Tim Ferris’s, The 4-Hour Body, as well as Men’s Health Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, ESPN and many more. His resume includes NFL players from all 32 teams, MLB & NBA players, UFC fighters, Olympic athletes and high school & college All-Americans.

In 2014, I started training clients individually and teaching group fitness classes. Over the past 5 years, I have worked with people from all walks of life. I recognized that I get the most satisfaction from helping people with unique needs and previous injuries live better, more active lives. Improving your functional fitness level, reducing body aches and pains, and preventing future injuries brings me the most joy and fulfilment. When I started my own Studio, I jumped at the chance to have mature clients and aging athletes as the primary focus of SAINT Performance & Fitness! I wanted to create a better option for people that didn’t want high-risk workouts in classes built for younger people, a crowded rec center, or go to a low energy senior’s class. We offer a personalized approach with our small group classes and fitness plans designed for your unique needs. With a max of 6 people per class, you won’t be just another body in a large class.


My personal goal is to change how people view the fitness industry. It has changed tremendously in the past 15 years, and there is an outdated view that to get in shape, one must do CrossFit, run a marathon, or enter a 21-day transformation challenge. That might work when you’re 20, but as you age, this will only lead to injury. There is no magic pill, and consistency over time is the key. You won’t find a 21-day transformation challenge at SAINT Performance & Fitness. You will discover realistic goals with personalized plans to get there. I get satisfaction from helping people do things they didn’t think they could or get back to activities they’ve given up.

“As an out of shape couple in our late 50’s we started training with Joey over 2 years ago and right from day one we knew this was something we could continue doing. The atmosphere is always very upbeat and inclusive, and you always leave feeling great about yourself. As a trainer, Joey is as good as they get! We have never felt better!”

If you’re ready to try a new approach or have been waiting for something different, then give Joey at SAINT a call today!




The CPPS MISSION-Developing world-class fitness professionals through a unique and interactive environment of learning and coaching. The CPPS system will provide the most comprehensive coaching model, built on the 7 pillars of athletic performance; pre-movement preparation, strength, power, speed, core training, program design, and mental toughness.